SUPERHERO SUMMER CHALLENGE: Flash VS Wolverine VS Captain America Physique (E02)

I Just started my fourth week into the Superhero Summer Physique Challenge (3 months to go for a Superhero Physique!) and thought of talking about bodytypes and how to pick the ideal Superhero physique that matches your bodytype. Pretty often the fitness industry promotes unrealistic/one-size-fits-all physiques. The problem is that we are all different. Just like not everyone is meant to look like Bruce Lee, the same way not everyone is meant to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I personally believe that everyone can get a pretty bad-ass physique. But, we have to accept that the physique we aim for should be close to our body-type.

The Flash VS Wolverine VS Captain America physique

This is why I recommend to people to see which of the basic three body-types they belong to (Ecto/Meso or Endomorph) and aim for a physique that fits. A good example (and the ones I recommend in the Superhero Homeworkout) are The Flash, Wolverine and Captain America.

  1. Are you an ectomorph? This is the typical skinny guy (aka the hard-gainer) who should aim for the Flash physique. Ectos have a light build, with often small joints and lean muscle. They usually have long thin limbs with less developed muscles than the average Joe. Also, shoulders tend to be thin and lacking width.
    Skinny-fat ectomorph: An ectomorph with a long-term, bad lifestyle (diet and exercise-wise) The Flash is the look you should be aiming for! Getting strong and shredded but not huge.
  2. Are you a mesomorph? A mesomorph has a naturally symmetric body which allows them to build quite an aesthetic physique. A lot of people think mesomorphs gain muscle more easily which is usually an optical illusion. Muscle is just more obvious on this body type, due to its symmetry. The Wolverine  is the body-type for you in this case. As with all physiques, this  is not going to just happen over-night. Having the ideal body-type (for some people’s standards at least), doesn’t mean you can get ripped without working your ass off!
  3. Endomorphs usually gain fat a little bit easier than the rest, and can have thick arms and legs. They also tend to be naturally stronger from the rest, especially in the leg department. Carrying more weight through their lifetime, is a factor that accommodates that. If you’re an Endo, the Captain  America physique is the ideal physique for you!  This doesn’t mean that you can’t attain a leaner physique – it simply means that getting a six-pack is not something worth stressing over. As a matter of fact, it can even lead to unhealthy eating-behaviours and self-image related mental issues for a lot of people. A powerful superhero-looking 4-pack on the other hand is attainable  if you stick to hard strength  training and nutrition.

Mixed body-types and body-type myths

Keep in mind that the body types above, aren’t set in stone. In fact, a lot of guys have a combination of two body-types. This why for example I think I’ll be aiming for a hybrid physique of the Flash and the Wolverine. Although I got quite close to a Wolverine physique my first time doing the Superhero Homeworkout (photos in the video), I didn’t feel that comfortable with all the weight I had to gain. So this year I’m thinking of aiming for a more lean version of the Wolverine but also bulkier version of the Flash. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion so leave a comment below.

Final thoughts

Choosing the ideal Superhero Physique to aspire to is a great way to motivate yourself to get in shape. Not in a way that you fall in a trap of getting obsessed with looking exactly like a Hollywood actor (not even the actors themselves look as good as they look on screen in reality anyway).  But as Les Brown says (famous motivational speaker): “Aim for the stars and you might land on the moon”. Having high goals is always important for keeping yourself motivated through your journey until you reach your own ultimate potential.

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