Superhero Summer Physique Challenge: It’s not just about the Body (Episode 1)

Ever since I was a kid, I always connected with classic Superhero comics and movies.  The reason this happens with many of us is because they do a great job intro portraying classic hero archetypes you can find in all great storytelling of the past. These archetypes have the power to serve us with strong male role-models we might feel we’re missing as kids (and especially boys). They also inspire us by helping us point our moral campus in an ethical direction… After all we all want to do good, but knowing whats good can be quite confusing when you’re young.

There’s also another reason why Superhero stories are so appealing…

Looking for a Superhero that never shows up…

We all have dark times in life. Times during which in our desperation we find ourselves seeking help from a Supernatural force. And it doesn’t really matter if we’re religious or not – that’s simply how we’re wired. Yet this force never really shows up…

There’s a quote that says: “Train the mind and the body will follow”. Through my dark times, I’ve learned that the opposite is more powerful. “Train the body and the mind will follow!”

I’ve realised that the bigger the physical challenge you set through your workout and fitness goals during such periods – the more powerful and bigger the potential for positive change is in the rest of your life. Exercise always was the main catalyst of the biggest changes I made in my life. Any time I got out of dark place and improved my life I learned to train my way through such situations!

Train your way through Challenges

The first time I applied this mindset was when I got in shape after an accident that kept five years in bed, got me depressed and it’s also the reason I have a prosthetic leg . The second time was when I first developed the Superhero Homeworkout (I talk more about these stories in the video above).

Today I’m once again again at a point of my life that I want to make big changes. And on top of motivating everyone else to complete the challenge with me, that’s one of the main reasons I’ve taken upon the Superhero Challenge for a 2nd time (and why I plan to get even better results)!

Be your own Superhero

Working out, getting in shape and successfully completing physical challenges that push you out of your comfort zone are things that forge your body and mind and body. They can help you realise that the Supernatural force you’re always waiting for is nobody else than you! That’s what the Superhero Homeworkout mindset is all about – helping you discover your inner Superhero and push you to become the hero of your story!

It’s not just about the body – it’s who you become!

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Anthony Arvanitakis

Anthony is a motivational personal trainer currently living in Amsterdam, NL. He has a B.Sci in Sports Science and Physical education and is a Bodyweight exercise and mindfulness meditation enthusiast. Learn more about Anthony's story in his recent 5-star book on amazon - Here.