Jumping Rope benefits & Challenge (Win a pro Jumping-Rope set)

Summer is coming and a lot of you have been asking me how to supplement your routines with cardio for burning some extra fat. As you know I’m not a big fan of long monotonous cardio sessions. A new cardio-oriented activity I’ve recently added to my weekly routine though is jumping rope. Here’s what I love about it…

Jumping Rope Benefits

  1. It’s fun: I used to think that skipping rope is boring. But once I started challenging myself by gradually adding tricks to it, I realised how much fun it can be. Check out the video above to see some of the combos I’m playing around with.
  2. Burn some extra fat: Skipping rope burns about 30% more calories that jogging. Of course you can’t do it none-stop for too long but it can add up quite some fat-burning-points with the rest of your activities (walking, strength training etc) in the end of the week.
  3. Get out of your head: Once I started working on adding tricks to my rope-skipping routine I noticed how much of an engaging activity it can be. Your thoughts slow down and at some point all you experience is the sound of the rope taping the ground and your body trying to stay in coordination with it.
  4. Do it anytime anywhere: It’s easy to carry with you anywhere (i.e. when you’re travelling or if you want to squeeze in a short workout during your work-break).
  5. Stress relaxation: Some evenings, to blow off some steam after a long day, I’ll go for a walk to the park and take my rope with me. I’ll do as much skipping as I feel like and once I’m done – I’ll call it a day, go home, read a bit, and go to sleep.

Join the challenge & win a Pro Jump-rope set!

A few days ago I discovered a pretty cool jump-rope challenge from Crossrope.com. After signing up, I thought that it would be also awesome if you guys and gals also joined with me! To get on board the challenge click on this link now!

Doing this allows you to join Crossrope’s Community on Facebook (as I did two days ago) which has some really cool people and a very motivating vibe. You’ll find beginner’s, intermediates and advanced rope-jumpers, all inspiring and supporting each other! Many of them also share really cool videos daily (check this one out, she’s one of my favs). Finally, by joining the community you’ll also increase my chances of wining a Crossrope Plus Set ($128 value) that I’ll be giving back to one of you as a gift!

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Do you need a special rope to enter the challenge?

No you don’t, I’m currently just using a simple cheap rope I got for $3.99. But, since Crossrope’s equipment looks like the best on the market right now, I contacted the founders and asked them to send me a set so I can review it for you guys as soon as possible!  Join now and lets get started with learning some cool rope-jumping skills, burn some extra fat and get shredded for the summer!

P.S 1: Even if you don’t want to partake in the challenge and you’re just interested in the prize; you can just join to increase your chances for winning.
P.S 2: Some of you asked me if you can combine jumping-rope with the Superhero Summer Challenge. The answers is yes and there are two ways to do that: a) you can add it to your warm up or b) you can do it in the end of the workout as a fat-burning finisher.

Until next time… Keep on training!



Anthony Arvanitakis

Anthony is a motivational personal trainer currently living in Amsterdam, NL. He has a B.Sci in Sports Science and Physical education and is a Bodyweight exercise and mindfulness meditation enthusiast. Learn more about Anthony's story in his recent 5-star book on amazon - Here.